Specializing in Residential Plumbing, Gas Fitting & Hydronic Heating

Plumbing, Gas Fitting & Hydronic Heating

Plumbing and Gas Fitting Services

Hydronic Heating Services

  • radiant in-floor installation
  • boiler system installation
  • snow melt installation
  • geo-thermal connections

Bren-Terin Mechanical is a plumbing and gas fitting company serving Edmonton, AB and area.  We are primarily a client-based company; whereby most of the new projects are obtained on a referral basis.  

Since incorporation Bren-Terin Mechanical has maintained a focused and controlled growth.  We strive to provide our customers with top quality products, workmanship and service at competitive pricing.

  • new home construction
  • renovations and upgrades
  • basement developments
  • fixture repair & replacement
  • residential maintenance & service
  • garage heater installations
  • trenching gas lines to detached buildings
  • additions to existing gas lines